Corporate Events in Charleston SC

Discover a unique CORPORATE EVENT IDEA in Charleston SC

Need an incredible corporate event idea? Discover the ultimate setting for your next corporate gathering with Blue Life Charters, the leading choice for exclusive sailboat charters in the Charleston Harbor. Our sailing experiences are perfectly tailored to elevate your corporate events, team-building exercises, and client entertainment, setting the stage for unforgettable memories against the picturesque backdrop of Charleston, SC. We specialize in crafting unique corporate events that blend the serene beauty of Charleston’s waters with the excitement of sailing. Whether you’re looking to inspire your team with racing-style sails or unwind with a relaxing BYOB sightseeing tour, our private charters offer the perfect blend of adventure and tranquility.

corporate event on a boat in charleston sc

Multiple Boats Available for Hire for Large Groups

For large groups of more than 6 we have two available sailboats for your group. Have more than 12 people for your corporate event? No problem! We will organize additional sailboats from our trusted charter partners to accommodate larger gatherings.
Whether you want to race or relax and unwind with your favorite cocktail, we can accommodate large parties and sail tandem so you all can enjoy a closer gathering on the water.

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Experiences Designed for Team Building & Networking

Elevate your corporate events with options for engaging team building and racing sails, or opt for a leisurely time on the water filled with sightseeing opportunities. Our daytime harbor tours and sunset cruises provide the perfect setting for strengthening bonds and fostering new connections.

Simple Prices

Prices are for Each Boat
6 Guests Per Boat

Daytime Harbor Tour


Weekday Sunset Cruise


Weekend Sunset Cruise


Don’t just have a normal corporate event—make it an adventure with Blue Life Charters. Book your private sailboat charter today and start planning the ultimate corporate event experience in the Charleston Harbor.

Make Your Event Unique – Choose Blue Life Charters for Corporate Events in Charleston SC

Blue Life Charters is your gateway to a one-of-a-kind corporate event experience in Charleston, SC. From corporate event planning to delivering exceptional service onboard, no matter what type of sailing excursion you desire, we are here to ensure your gathering is nothing short of spectacular.