Beach & Boat Package

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Experience Your Best Day in Charleston in One Package Deal!

Experience the ultimate fun filled day in Charleston with our exclusive beach and boat package! In partnership, Perfect Point Beach Cabana Rentals and Blue Life Charters bring you a luxurious day of sun, sea, and celebration. Tailored to accomodate all of our guests & party sizes, this package combines the elegance of Charleston with the thrill of adventure, ensuring a day to remember. Whether you are a couple seeking romance and elegance, a family ready to skip the planning portion of your day, or even the bride-to-be and her closest friends seeking your best bachelorette party possible, we are here to ensure your best day is had.

Our Beach & Boat Packages

All beach & boat tours are GROUP PRICES (for up to 6 people) & DO NOT include taxes or gratuity

Morning Sail + Cabana Options

Sailboat Tour Duration: 2.5 hours

Cabana Rental Duration: 5 hours


Morning Sail & Cabana (1-2 guests): $740

Morning Sail & Double Cabana (4-6 guests): $890

Morning Sail & Triple Cabana (6-8 guests): $1025

Morning Sail & Cabana & Double Umbrella (up to 8 guests): $1005

Sunset Cruise + Cabana Options

Sailboat Tour Duration: 2.5 hours

Cabana Rental Duration: 5 hours


Sunset Cruise & Cabana (1-2 guests): $775

Sunset Cruise & Double Cabana (4-6 guests): $995

Sunset Cruise & Triple Cabana (6-8 guests): $1065

Sunset Cruise & Cabana & Double Umbrella (up to 8 guests): $1040

Package Features: A Day to Remember

Kick off the best day in Charleston with a private boat tour by Blue Life Charters. Choose between a refreshing morning sail with the early sun over the Charleston skyline or a stunning sunset cruise to end the day with a golden glow. Whichever you choose, you’ll enjoy the comfort and exclusivity of a top-tier private yacht experience.

Combined with your nautical adventure, step onto the sands of Isle of Palms with The Perfect Point, where a luxurious cabana and umbrella setup awaits. Spend five hours in your private beachfront area. Designed for comfort and style, your cabanas provide the perfect base for a day of relaxation and fun under the sun.

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Exclusive Beachfront Cabanas

Relax in a premium cabana outfitted with comfortable seating, plush towels, and all the amenities needed for a perfect beach day, provided for you by The Perfect Point Beach Cabana Rentals.

Exclusive Sailboat Tours

Whether you start or end your day on the water, our boat tours are tailored to create the perfect ambiance for your party’s theme and schedule.

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Ideal for All Occasions

This package is the perfect balance between elegance, luxury, and adventure, ensuring a memorable experience with every detail catered to your group’s enjoyment by the Perfect Point & Blue Life Charters teams. Prepare yourselves for a day that is sure to become the highlight of your trip to Charleston!

Why Choose this Package?

Expertise in Hospitality

Our partnership between Charleston Beach Cabana Rentals and Blue Life Charters represents the pinnacle of local hospitality, dedicated to creating seamless and exquisite experiences.

Effortless Planning

Enjoy a stress-free planning experience with all arrangements handled by our expert teams. From the beach setup to the boat logistics, we manage it all, allowing you to focus solely on the fun.

Are You Ready to Reserve Your Best Day Ever?

Book now to secure your Charleston beach and boat package! We’re here to help you plan the ultimate day of luxury and adventure. For reservations and further details, please visit our websites or contact our customer service. Enjoy life and treat yourselves to a day filled with style, laughter, and a touch of Charleston charm!

For more information and bookings, please visit our websites or reach out to our dedicated customer support teams. We look forward to making your day in Charleston extraordinary!

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