Making The Most Of Your Charleston Bachelorette Boat Tour


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Charleston, SC has emerged as a prime destination for bachelorette parties. It offers a blend of Southern charm, rich history, and captivating waterfront views. To elevate your bachelorette experience, consider embarking on a private boat tour in Charleston.

In this guide, we’ll explore the options available for bachelorette boat tours in Charleston. To help you plan an incredible celebration with your closest friends.

Choosing The Perfect Charleston Bachelorette Boat Tour

When it comes to selecting the right boat tour for your bachelorette party, there are several factors to consider. Charleston offers a variety of options, from sleek yachts to cozy sailboats. Group size, budget, and desired amenities should guide your choice. Keep in mind that private boat charters provide an intimate setting for up to 6 people per boat.

But if you want to really make it an unforgettable experience, consider booking one of our private Charleston bachelorette boat party tours! Our experienced crew will ensure that your bachelorette party in Charleston is nothing short of spectacular.

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Planning Your Ideal Charleston Bachelorette Boat Tour

Charleston’s picturesque waterways offer numerous opportunities to tailor your boat tour itinerary. At Blue Life Charters, we tailor each excursion to your preferences. Whether you prefer a serene sunset cruise, dolphin watching, or a leisurely day on the water, we have a tour to match your request.

Explore historic landmarks like Fort Sumter, or cruise under the iconic Ravenel Bridge. You can set sail with a day of relaxation in the Sun while our crew serves up your favorite cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.

Delicious Food And Drink Items To Bring On Your Charleston Bachelorette Boat Tour

One of the perks of a private charter with Blue Life Charters is the ability to BYOB and bring your own delicious food. You can bring anything you desire onboard and we will pack it away in our refrigerator to serve whenever you see fit.

Another option is to have your party catered. At Blue Life Charters we offer catering services to ensure everything about your Charleston bachelorette boat tour is perfect. Whether you desire light appetizers, or even full course meals-we can provide it for you and serve it at your request. Even your drink options can be catered for you!

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Questions To Ask Your Captain

Our local captains are experts at ensuring you have a fantastic boat day. Once onboard, our captains and crew members are all fully versed in the local knowledge. Therefore, if you have interest in the local history, or even if you just want some advice on a local restaurant, then they are ready to give you exceptional advice.

Bachelorette Boat Party Packing List

To make your day comfortable and enjoyable, here’s a handy packing list:

  1. Sunscreen (lotion based)
  2. Your favorite snacks and beverages
  3. Custom bachelorette party swimsuits and towels for water activities
  4. Stylish sunglasses
  5. Camera for capturing moments

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Book Now With Blue Life Charters

Sailing with Blue Life Charters means experiencing Charleston from a unique and incredible perspective. Our private charters offer an intimate setting for up to 6 people. You have the freedom to bring your own drinks and snacks or have it catered, making it a personalized celebration.

Therefore, let us make your Charleston bachelorette boat tour truly special by choosing Blue Life Charters for a private BYOB sailing tour. With the right boat, a tailored itinerary, and the perfect provisions, you’re guaranteed a memorable celebration with your closest friends. Contact us today to book your unforgettable bachelorette boat tour in Charleston, SC!