Savor the Taste of the Open Sea

Enjoy every last bit of your private Charleston Harbor tours with gourmet catering services! While Blue Life Charters does not provide catering ourselves, we are happy to help and provide you with food from your favorite catering establishment anywhere in our local Charleston area.

Our favorite caterer is Caviar & Bananas. We work hand in hand with them to ensure your order is waiting for you on the boat when you arrive. Moreover, Caviar & Bananas offers a wide variety of menu options exclusively for chartered tours. Furthermore, they deliver to our sailboat often, and they are never late! You can opt for small orders like chartcuterie or even go all in for a full meal to set the pace for a perfect dinner cruise in Charleston SC!

So if you’d like to place an order, please contact the catering office directly.

Contact Caviar & Bananas

at 843.577.9997 or

Menu options from Caviar & Bananas

About Caviar & Bananas

Caviar & Bananas is a local gourmet establishment that uses the freshest, ethically sourced ingredients. Additionally, they bring you a luxurious culinary experience that matches your experience on our sailing yacht. From artisanal cheese boards, pan-seared salmon, a Caprese sandwich, custom-designed cakes, and more, their menu has it all!

Caviar & Bananas prepares their offerings daily, including made-to-order salads, sandwiches, or prepared food. Additional selections include the charcuterie and cheese counter, an espresso bar, and a boutique wine and beer selection.

Please call or email the C & B catering team to custom tailor a menu for your charter! Therefore, click on the link below to see the menu options.

Catering Office: 843.577.9997 or

Menu Options for Caviar & Bananas


Making Your Memories Last Forever

Justin is a Folly Beach-based photographer who specializes in shooting in and around the ocean. He has a knack for getting the most out of the light around him. There’s no better way to have a sailing memory forever than by having Justin capture your experience firsthand. His work has been featured in many different publications, including the local staple Charleston Magazine.

Therefore, let Justin capture your relaxing sailing trip and create some memories that will last a lifetime. His favorite time to shoot is on the sunset cruises, where the harbor is perfect for a quick shoot on the boat. With this in mind, no matter what the occasion is, please consider having Justin along for the ride! Visit to see some of his work.

Pricing: $275

Anniversaries, Proposals, & More

Charleston is one of the country’s most romantic cities. So what better way to celebrate your romantic partner than a private Charleston Harbor sailing tour? Whether you are celebrating an anniversary, proposing to the love of your life, or enjoying a unique date night we can’t wait to make your big moment unforgettable!

Chiefly, we want to make sure your special day goes perfectly, especially for special occasions like weddings, proposals, anniversaries, and others. Check out our blog where we talk about key points that assist with making your sailing perfect! Then let us know how we can help, and we will do our best to make sure everything goes according to plan without giving any hints to your special someone! Moreover, we can also provide a professional photographer to catch your big moments on camera.