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Welcome to Blue Life Charters, your gateway to incredible Charleston SC Tour Packages! Experience luxury and adventure with our exclusive Sunset Cruise & Catering Packages and the ultimate Beach & Boat Packages. Whether you’re planning a romantic evening, a bachelorette celebration, or just a day of leisure, we offer private sailing tours that combine breathtaking Charleston views with exceptional service.

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Sunset & Catering Package Tours


Sail into the sunset on a luxurious yacht, complemented by delicious catering options, creating the perfect atmosphere for any special occasion. Catering options ranged from charcuterie add-ons to a full course dinner cruise. Experience the ultimate evening in Charleston with stunning views on a 2.5 hour sail, paired with a delightful culinary experience. Furthermore, this private boat tour is for 6 guests maximum.

Beach & Boat Package Tours


Start with a refreshing 2.5 hour BYOB morning sail or a stunning sunset cruise, and continue your day with a private beach cabana on the white sandy beaches of Isle of Plams. Enjoy top-tier amenities and relax in style at Isle of Palms, making it a day to remember. Experience a day where luxury meets adventure and memories are created in 1 day that are bound to be the highlight of your trip to Charleston. Furthermore, this private boat tour is for 6 guests maximum.

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From on-board amenities to seamless booking processes, we prioritize your comfort and convenience.

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